About Us

Devon Casting Agency was founded in 2012 by Rachel Haines. A native of North Devon, she attended London Metropolitan University where she completed an Event Management and Music & Media Management degree. During this time Rachel also worked on various productions as an extra. This, along with understanding the difficulties of gaining work within this industry in North Devon, led her to create Devon Casting Agency.
In 2013 Rachel held her first registration day at Bideford, North Devon. Over 100 people attended to sign up as Artistes. Since then, several casting events have led to productions such as Police Dog Hogan’s ‘Thunderheads’ (Colonel Blimp Productions) and ‘The Parting Glass’ by Mollymauk Productions as well as a TV commercial by Youngs.
In 2014 Haven Holidays contracted Devon Casting Agency through SOUK Response Ltd to supply extras for two TV commercials. Registered artistes travelled to South Devon for three very enjoyable and successful days filming.
Devon Casting Agency’s most prestigious event to date was The Night Manager, a very successful BBC drama starring Tom Hiddlestone and Hugh Laurie.
Rachel says,
“The aim of Devon Casting Agency is to help local people get a foot in the door and hopefully build a successful career in the entertainment Industry. Being an extra is a great way of testing out the industry and to gain some experience. When I was growing up in North Devon I found it hard to find work in this field because there were no local agencies. Most productions and companies normally use agencies to source the majority of parts and so most roles were given to people who were with agencies, but lived further away. I also wanted to help production companies source their needs. By providing production companies with artistes, crew, musicians, props and locations Devon Casting Agency can help them make their vision come true”