2nd March 2017
Devon Casting Agency will be holding a photo shoot at Clovelly Parish Hall on 11th March 2017 between 12pm and 3pm. Price per person is £5 and people who have already registered as supporting artistes are invited to join our facebook group where they can let us know if they would like their photographs taken at this event. Three photographs will be taken for each person and these will be used on our online database. We will also be giving three digital copies to each client for their own personal use. Contact if you require more information.
24th February 2017
Devon Casting Agency has published it’s website!
Production Companies and others searching for local artistes can now access our online catalogue using a range of attributes. Local people hoping to register with Devon Casting Agency as artistes are also now able to complete an online registration form too, or download a registration form to complete offline. People who would like to register with us a film crew or musicians, and those who have props or locations they would like to register on our databases, please contact Devon Casting Agency at